About Us: Learn about Estonia's unique vocational school, offering specialized education in forestry, horticulture and nature tourism. With over 4,000 alumni, 550 students and a dedicated team of 90 employees, we are at the forefront of practical education.


Practical Training and Continuing Education: Explore our state-of-the-art facilities, practical training opportunities, and a wide range of annual continuing education courses, including vocational qualification exams. These programs are designed to prepare future professionals for roles in forestry, horticulture, and nature tourism.


International Cooperation: We actively engage in global partnerships and initiatives to promote responsible forest management and environmental sustainability.


Experience Luua: Immerse yourself in the Luua experience! Stay in our comfortable accommodation facilities, explore our diverse arboretum with over 500 tree and bush species, and enjoy your free time in the beautiful surroundings of Luua. Hiking trails and other amenities are available for your relaxation and recreation.

Welcome to Luua – where the forest pauses time, transforms learning, and makes your future brighter!


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