Our specialities

  • Silviculture
  • Forest worker
  • Forwarder operator
  • Harvester operator
  • Arborist
  • Forest specialist
  • Dendrologist
  • Landscape gardener
  • Green area keeper
  • Tree nursery gardener
  • Nature tour guide

Learn a worthy speciality in a suitable form of study

The forms of study include daytime, session, and employment-based studies. Students learning in the employment-based study form should have a job related to the speciality or a base of practical training (e.g. their own forest).

There are also good opportunities for in-service training and re-training. Proceeding from the needs of a learner, the programme of VÕTA (former learning and working experiences are taken into account) are applied in the learning process.

Study information

  • We offer full-time day study programmes, session study programmes, and  employment-based study programmes.
  • The period of study depends on the speciality – normally it is from 1 year to 3 years.
  • Some specialities demand the previous level of education in a certain speciality
  • Students are able to apply for scholarships offered by employers or by the school.
  • All programmes  are currently taught  in Estonian.


Half of Estonia is covered by forest that has to be tended, maintained and processed. This ensures interesting and rewarding work for those who like to work in nature, as well as for those who prefer the industrial environment. Modern timber processing technology links such contrasts as state-of-theart machine-building, information technology, and natural environment. That kind of opportunity can be found in the work with forestry machinery.



The field of horticulture is extremely broad. Of this field, Luua Forestry School offers the chance to study landscape construction and tree nursery management.   



The beautiful and versatile nature of Luua is very inspiring for the studies of a branch of tourism – nature tourism.