Bases of practical traineeship institutions

The school’s bases of practical training are the forest management district and the nursery-arboretum, as well as the study hall.


The forest management district manages more than 9000 ha of forest land. The forest management district is the place where the students can apply theory to practice and learn all forest-work skills.  At the forest management district, it is also possible to order various services, e.g. transportation of forest material, transport by truck and soil scarification for reforestation. We are PEFC sertified


In  nursery-arboretum, there are hundreds of different species of woody plants and flowers. Students can learn about their qualities and growing, also use in planting and landscaping. Ornamental trees and the transplants of flowers are also sold in the garden and advice is given to those who are interested in plants.


In the study hall students can practice landscape construction work and, before starting the operation of expensive forest vehicles in the forest, they can learn preliminary skills on computer imitators and simulators.